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Inner Decisions offers:

The following services and fee schedules are based on Colleen Parsons working from the onsite home base on Capricorn Hill Farm. Most options cost $75 per half-hour and $120 per hour. (CAM = Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

  • Epigenetic Clearing

Pain and other distressful symptoms of the body are the cause of emotions held hostage and trying to become free. Science supports that much of our distress may come from ancestors of previous generations. Locating the triggers and using prayers focused on holistic forgiveness to address what's tied to our DNA helps restore balance and promote healing. Shame, guilt, regret can be released with minimal disclosure.  One-hour sessions are highly recommended for a first clearing which includes multiple releases and consultation. 


Essential Oils are used for massage, aromatherapy, and to support one's healing process. Essential Oils have found significant usefulness in hospitals and are a well-known tool used by CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) practitioners. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is funding and supporting research as the study of essential oils continues into mainstream medical and nursing practices. Colleen Parsons recommends an essential oil or oil blend to support your journey into health and wellness. 


Spiritual Life Coaching with Colleen Parsons of Inner Decisions helps people who yearn for wholeness realize that it is readily attainable. Clients who are committed to their process get there. It may not be easy, but it's not complicated. 

  • Consulting

Groups or individuals receive specific information and education about specific complementary or alternative supportive options to help relieve suffering or enhance balanced life practices. 

  • Mediumship Readings: Messages from a Medium

Colleen connects with Spirit people bringing evidential information and offers messages from those on the other side. Messages are offered for groups or individuals. (Note about groups: the more people involved lessens the chance of personalized or individualized messages.)


Most sessions are $75 for 30-minutes 
and $120 for 60-minutes 
when done at or from Capricorn Hill Farm. 


CAM or Metaphysical Classes (90-min) for 6 or more people are $30 per person plus materials. 


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