Inner Decisions

An Hour with Spirit

 Begins at 9 AM on Sunday mornings

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1st Sunday: Spiritualist Service

The Tree of Life Spiritualist Church is a non-traditional, Christian inspired, spiritually inclusive community. People who embrace the idea that energy never dies and that the personality of sentient beings continues to thrive after the change we refer to as death support it.

 2nd Sundays: non-denominational lecture in an interactive format

We explore and discuss different spiritual themes, ideas, and issues for our increased awareness and Spiritual practice. 

 3rd Sunday: All Message Spiritualist Service 

From 9 to 10:30 attendees receive brief messages from loved ones on the other side of life in a Spirit-centered style that is interactive, sometimes emotional, but always loving. 

4th Sundays: Epigenetic Clearing 

Pain and other distressful symptoms of the body are the cause of emotions held hostage and trying to become free. Using prayers focused on holistic forgiveness we address one's ancestral lineage and all lifetimes to help a client balance his or her own energy and promote healing. 

5th Sundays: Community Days

On the 5th Sunday of the month, if there is one, we celebrate our community by bringing a treat to share and sharing conversation. All are welcome, come and meet people and enjoy.