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So often we find ourselves in situation where we just don't know what to do. We may not even be able to define the situation clearly because we are too close to it. Distance helps. Not the "running away for it all" kind of distance. The alternate perspective one can get when working with a Life Co…

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Spiritual Teachings?

Today during An Hour with Spirit we explored who  Eckhart Tolle is. (See: ). He’s clearly one of the living spiritual masters of our time with an unbelievable wealth of insight that was born from deep depression. Reading his books are life changing, though they can…

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What is your Spiritual Gift?

This is the first Sunday in March of 2014. On the first Sundays of every month we celebrate the religion of Spiritualism during An Hour with Spirit in a non-traditional, non-churchy service. Personally, I like the New Testament of the Christian Bible and prefer just about any translation other than …

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