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June 2021 Newsletter

Here is the Link to the June 2021 Newsletter with directions for a $30 saving

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Cultivating Courage

Cultivating Courage

Do you have a fear that is holding you back from living the life you deserve? Do you wish you could show more courage in your day-to-day dealings with others?

If you had more courage, maybe we could ask for that raise we deserve, feel more confident in closing that ne…

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The Search for Meaning (first installment)

The caller ID read “Unknown Caller”. After a minute I retrieved the message, “Hi, this is Kelly, please return my call as soon as possible. Something really weird has happened to me.”

I pressed the call button and it was answered almost before it rang. Kelly started in without saying hell…

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She asked me, “What is the first book that you read that really made a difference?”

I answered that there had been many many books, and Shirley MacLaine’s books certainly piqued my interest in metaphysical-spiritual-new age-things. But the first book that really showed me how to be in this wo…

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Monsters under the Bed

She told me she was pacing the floor at 4 AM, again, worried about the mess she’d made of things the day before at work. She’d stood on her principles, maybe too firmly. She hadn’t made a good case for why she felt that way. When most everyone stood up against her she felt totally defeated. She …

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Does saying it aloud make it Real?

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just in a funk,” I answered. “No, I don’t want to talk about it. Everything will be fine. I just need some time.” I had lied, something was bothering me. I wasn’t sure how to put it into words, but I was sure that I didn’t want it to become worse by putting it into words. I…

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Past Hope

There are those of us who want just one more chance. We promise to make it better, try harder, or love more if we get just one more chance. We wait for that one more chance. We live in the past hoping to make things right. We live in past hope.

We carry guilt and shame, and it clings to us like d…

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Petals or Thorns?

What I think I lay down as rose petals some see as thorns.

There are people who, because of past hurt or harm, react as if mortally threatened when someone reaches out with good intentions. There are those who are in such suffering that they will drag a person who has come in love and peace t…

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I got a text message today from someone bent on changing my political affiliation, “I just think it kind of funny that everything has done a complete 180 in just a week or so.” They were referring to January 20, 2021. The message was accompanied by a factually inaccurate political “news” report …

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Someone asked, “How do I get out of this funk I’m in?”

I listened for a while as she explained and listed the life messiness she’d been managing over the last year. When she paused for a breath on a landing of the staircase that was her story I interjected, “Is it possible that you’re e…

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Naked Truth


Last night I dreamed of a poem about Truth. I had not written or even read this poem but was searching for it and for someone who would perform the poem. I could see and read the title of the poem, “Truth” on my opened laptop and I was interviewing people who wanted to perform it. I was conduc…

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Can I walk in your shoes?

I don’t need you to walk a mile in my shoes, I know me. I’d rather walk in your shoes. How do you see things differently than me? What in your history causes you to react or respond? What allows you to have an abundance of patience? What makes you nuts? What makes you smile? What makes you livid? An…

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A Day in History

On April 26, 1777, 16-year-old Sybil Ludington rode 40-miles to muster troops for a Revolutionary War battle that some contest as a mythical account because it was not chronicled at the time. Instead, the story was passed down through oral traditions. Ludington remains celebrated only by those who k…

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So many things change, and right now I in the thick of change. Tomorrow at noon our U.S. leadership changes and that will shift things significantly. My family is changing, subtly, but it is. This pandemic has certainly changed everything. And college classes began again today; not like we thoug…

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My Challenge

It’s said that most Americans become more conservative in their views as they grow older. When we’re young we embrace change, we see the world as an adventure, we’re not afraid to try new things. As we age we fall into patterns of safety. We seek like-minded people who do like-minded things. Eve…

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I have a lot to say about sisters, though I won’t write it here. Those of us with sisters or who are sisters know the stories both good and bad. Full sisters, half-sisters, stepsisters. Fathers never understand their daughters who are sisters. Mothers struggle with their daughters who are sister…

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Birthing Day!

“Happy Birthing Day, Mom!” said my now 40-year-old daughter.

I can’t believe I’m the mother of a 40-year-old. Ugh. That legitimately makes me as old as dinosaurs.

I’ve never really cared much about my birthday, or birthdays in general. Dates don’t matter to me. Holidays are just a …

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“I guess it’s about whether you wear your scars, or your scars wear you.”

That is a powerful statement.

We all have scars, some we see, some we can’t. All of our scars tell stories. This one on my hand tells the story of a cat scratch. That scar on her face tells the story of falling off a…

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She texted, "I hate Zoom."

“I hate Zoom,” came the text from a good friend. I texted back, “Is there another platform for video chat that you like better?” Her answer, “Zoom is fine. I don’t like not being with people.”

Yep. I agree. Video chatting is most disagreeable. It’s harder to connect, it’s more d…

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