Inner Decisions

Are you making the right decision?

Are you confused about your life direction? You do have the right answer, you know exactly what to do. At least your Inner Decision-maker, your inner knowing, does. It will never fail you. However, as humans, our decisions are often swayed by what we think we should do to please other people. Or perhaps we are swayed by what we want instead of aligning ourselves with our soul's path. Or perhaps we are so afraid we might be wrong that we convince ourselves that we must be wrong and shift our decision. 

To understand that we already know our best option it's important to remember to connect with a sincere desire for our greatest good. Now if we've been flirting with people or situations that have tilted our energy in one direction or the other we must get back to "center" before we can know what it is we are to do. Meditation helps, yoga helps, talk therapy may help.

Yet the best help is a good Spiritual Life Coach because we always actively listen, not just to the words you're saying, but to the silence between your words. Ah yes, the silence between your words is where your answer resides. 

How do we do that? There is a vibration at the end of each sentence a person says. Some of those vibrations are false stops. Some are locked doors. Some are doors that are wide open. A Spiritual Life Coach will look, feel, sense, the wide-open doors. Then we test the door, the vibration, with a question always looking for validation. We ask another question. Then we "see" the theme of your story. 

In a very real way, it is like deciphering a dream rich with symbolism. If you are in alignment with your true self, with your inner knowing, then you can only speak the truth, though the truth will be in code. It's the job of the Spiritual Life Coach to draw your attention to the coded message. A good Spiritual Life Coach can only do this job well if she is also in alignment to detect and unravel your code. Yes -- exactly like a Spiritual Detective! 

You are an amazing person with all of your own answers. You just may need a Spiritual Life Coach to help you reveal and clarify your answers for you to see your truth. 


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