Inner Decisions


So often we find ourselves in situation where we just don't know what to do. We may not even be able to define the situation clearly because we are too close to it. Distance helps. Not the "running away for it all" kind of distance. The alternate perspective one can get when working with a Life Coach.

As a Spiritual Life Coach Colleen Parsons of Inner Decisions is often asked to weigh in on a particular situation where a client is struggling. The goal is not to give the answer as much as it is to discover the "real question". We can't see the "real question" if we are sitting too close to our fears.

During a Spiritual Life Coaching session the client will usually present a situation where she or he would like clarity. "Should I change my job?" "Should I go on a cruise?" "Should I marry this person?" Or some other equally difficult question. We all know it isn't about whether or not a person "should" go on the cruise, but why is the idea of going on the cruise causing the person stress -- and bringing up fear? Colleen and the client will discuss those fears and then look for the root of the fear, the underlying problem that is stabbing at the client's confidence and decision-making ability.

This hour Spiritual Life Coaching session is not like a typical psychotherapy session. The goal is for the client to embrace empowerment through direct interchange. Should the client go on a cruise when she's afraid getting sick because of the news reports. Underneath is the concern that the cruise will cost more than $2,000 when she is more than $50,000 in debt. And underneath that is the fear that she will never deserve anything fun again because she's goofed up so badly. Looking quickly at what the client thinks she goofed up vary from situations where she could have managed better and others where she had no control at all.

This comes down to self-trust. Yep, it almost always comes down to whether or not we can trust ourselves. Can I trust myself to manage my life, my situations, my behaviors, my . . . whatever? Can I trust myself? Am I trustworthy?

If you don't trust yourself, you would be wise to learn how. Self-trust is often battle-worn and in need of real healing. Empowerment to self-trust is a necessary tool that requires care, attention and regular attunements. There are several options that will provide you with the self-care which will lead you to trusting yourself. Try one, or two, or six. Massage, yoga, Life Coaching, traditional therapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki healing, regular exercise, -- and so many more. Find what works for you, embrace it and empower yourself to trust yourself.

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