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Memories: Epigenetic Clearing

Imagine that you are having trouble at work. Your new boss is temperamental, and you can’t seem to do anything right. You try harder to do better and she never gives you positive feedback. You’re thinking about leaving. Before you do, you make an appointment with Inner Decisions to talk about it. During the conversation about this work relationship, Colleen recommends Epigenetic Clearing. You identify the sensations in your body of a queasy stomach and tight throat associated with your boss.

You begin the clearing. An image comes up for you. You’re about 5-years-old and sitting in your car seat in the backseat in the vehicle your mommy is driving on the highway and you are singing. Mommy says to you, “Sweetie, can you pick a different song? You’ve sung that one a hundred-and-fifty-times.” Of course, you start singing it again – because you’re 5. Suddenly, your mother keeps looking in the rearview mirror and she is swearing and crying. You stop singing. She pulled the car to the side of the road and rummaged through the glove compartment. Mommy puts the window down and a big man dressed up in a police uniform is talking to her. Mommy is trying not to cry as she hands him papers. He looks in the car and asks you your name, but you are too scared to answer. They talk about you. Then you are sitting in the car for a long, long time. You’re bored and want to go so you ask, “Why don’t we go.” Mommy is mad, “Because we can’t.” You must have been bad and are now in time-out. Eventually, you get to go home. You ask mommy for something and she says, “NO!” You play with your trucks and she’s mad because you’re loud. You try to get mommy to play and she is mad, “Can’t you just leave me alone!” and she goes into the bathroom and slams the door closed. Then click, the door is locked. You don’t know what else to do, so you sit in front of the bathroom door waiting for mommy for a very long time. You were bad and now mommy has locked you out. You have a bad tummy ache and your throat hurts.

This was thirty years ago, why is this coming up now?

Our memory of an incident is not based on facts, it is based on sensations:  a physical feeling or perception (sense) of how one’s body reacted during an incident. Memories are stored in the body as sensations, and sooner or later they will play their way back into your life. Memory is “colored” by the physical sensations of previous incidents, even if it is a completely different event. Epigenetic clearing of the sensations doesn’t erase the memory; clearing just balances the physical sensations.

Given the example above, you wouldn’t have had to go through therapy, probably just this one session. You’re not “fixed”, you’re back in balance from those sensations. Simply. Painlessly. It’s an interesting experience.

Consider it. Because memory is such an odd thing.

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