Inner Decisions

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We've had a couple of thunderstorms with heavy wind, so I was just out on the RTV (sort of a mini-pickup truck for the farm) taking the dogs (all 7) for a run around the fence line. No trees are down and the fence is intact. Yay! Yet I don't just look for downed trees.

When we are building fences, we need to be mindful of what we are keeping out, and what we are keeping in. Right? Practically speaking, I'm keeping out coyotes, and keeping the goats, livestock guardian dogs, burros, and steer in. I'm keeping my animals out of someone else's space. I'm minding my own business.

I have lots of fence stories, and failed fence stories. So do you. Metaphoric fences. Emotionally, professionally, with friends, family and not-so-friendlies. I have violated others boundaries. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes quite accidentally. As they have mine. "Trees" have crashed my fencing. Wild winds have blown through it. People have torn them down; even when I've built gates.  And still I rebuild. I remake those fences and mind those boundaries.

Do you?

Many blessings,



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