Inner Decisions


So many things change, and right now I in the thick of change. Tomorrow at noon our U.S. leadership changes and that will shift things significantly. My family is changing, subtly, but it is. This pandemic has certainly changed everything. And college classes began again today; not like we thought they would, but I had students in the nursing labs. It was so good to see them. The sophomores were learning how to wash their hands like nurses. Ah. They were so nervous.


Change is constant. Mountains change. Rocks change. Rivers change. Time changes. Seasons change. Planetary alignments change. Bodies change. Our inhalations change into exhalations. Yes, change is the only constant.

Change wants to be our friend. With change comes evolution. Without change, we don’t evolve. Oh, please, dear God, let us continue to evolve and understand and grow more loving and more peaceful. Let us learn to BE.

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