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Destiny vs. Free Will

Are we fated to follow some script? Is there a series of events we cannot avoid? Or do we always have free will?

The debate of destiny verses free will has been the theme for many a movie, play, song, poem, and great conversation over wine. Humans are odd. We want to exercise free will, we want to be independent, smart and savvy. Yet many of us also want to know that we will be rewarded in some special way for trying hard to be good, kind and honest. Or that wrongdoers will be punished.

Holy Books declare there is a destiny based on one's behavior. The idea that if you behave well, good things will happen to you, if you behave badly, the wrath of hell will befall you is woven into most religions, just like the Golden Rule. Many Holy Books are written by or talk about prophets.

When I function as a medium and am giving readings the messages I receive from spirit validate both perspectives. As an example I often sense children floating in the energy of a young adult. Yesterday during a phone reading for a woman with 20-something year olds I "saw" two children around one daughter and one child around the other daughter. Because I don't want to take the idea of free will away from people, it makes my readings sound kind of vague. "Your one daughter may have two children in her life, and the other daughter may have one. Spirit always wants us to know that we don't have to have those children, nothing 'bad' happens if we choose not to have them. The children may come in the form of adoption, blending a family, a strong relationship with a child, or by giving birth and raising that child. I don't know how these children will come. But if you were to ask each daughter how many children she wants, one daughter will say 'two' and the other will say 'one'." The woman I was reading for immediately validated what I was saying, "That's exactly what the girls say all of the time!"

I don't know the answer, though I like the idea of a wonderful conversation over a glass of wine.

Many blessings!  ~Colleen                                




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