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Embracing Enrealment

I was actually writing about something else today, but when this popped up on my FB newsfeed I became obsessed with the idea. Excuse the language if it offends you – though in full disclosure I’m not offended. I live life and all sorts of language are part of that. Though I don’t use language intentionally designed to racially or culturally disparage.

I began a journey studying “new age-y” stuff about 1970. By 1972 I had one foot in “Twilight Zone-ish thinking” and by 1984 I had both feet there. I spent a good decade gulping down all kinds of new-age authors and ideas and gathering ideas. I’ve spent the next 25 years dissecting those ideas searching for truth. Not the fake truth, real truth.

Now, to be honest, I don’t know how I know what real truth is and what is “fake truth”; I just “know”. And it is a knowing so deep within me I’m not even sure that it’s part of me. Ohhhh – that doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? Yet, it’s the truth. My truth. Suffice to say that this knowing is a “soul knowing” that resonates in every cell of my being. It’s a truth that continues to peel away false consciousness pointing toward (oh, I love this word) enrealment.

Enrealment is a term author Jeff Brown coined more than a decade ago. I’m not a devotee of Brown, but I love the idea. Here’s how he defines it:

“Enrealment means that we recognize the chaotic magnificence of our daily life as intrinsic to our spirituality. It means seeing the Godself in our connection to the world around us- Everything is God, God is Everything. It means consciously seeking a "Weastern" Consciousness, a consciousness that weaves the quest for unity that is fundamental to the east with the quest for emotional health and a healthy self-concept intrinsic to the west. It means honouring our physical form not simply as a 'vessel' for the soul, but as the embodiment of the soul. It means learning how to connect with our bodies as gardens of truth. It means calling ourselves on our detachment from our shadow. It means honouring our personal experiences as our own built in learning channel. It means shifting our perspective: What is on one level a challenge, is also an opportunity for expanding our consciousness.”

This may not fit for you. I’m sharing what fits for me. My search. My truth. And that’s what I’m writing about. My unfolding enrealment.

This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. 


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