Inner Decisions


Someone asked, “How do I get out of this funk I’m in?”

I listened for a while as she explained and listed the life messiness she’d been managing over the last year. When she paused for a breath on a landing of the staircase that was her story I interjected, “Is it possible that you’re emotionally exhausted?” Tears welled, overflowed, and streamed down her lovely face. “Maybe you just need to rest a bit and let yourself heal?” I waited for an answer as she let her guard down, letting her strength accept her vulnerability, and allowing her mind to adjust to this possibility.

She was clearly drained. She had gone through a gauntlet of trials and come out bruised and scarred. Her lifeforce was barely beating, and she was existing only on fumes.

When we have been through a long arduous journey of the soul, when our strength has been wrung out, we need to rest. We need to heal. We need to breathe. We need to just be. It may take days or weeks, but we need to take some time. If we don’t, the exhaustion will seat itself into the body and may come out later as a physical condition. If we allow some time to rest, we will rise again, like the Phoenix, from the ashes of what went on before, to meet the challenges ahead.

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