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It's about the Journey

I had a telephone reading today where the caller was concerned about "when" things were going to happen. If spirit tells me upfront when something is going to occur, I'm happy to share that. However, sometimes people get very anxious about timing and needing to have something happen -- needing to meet the man of their dreams, get the great job, buy or sell their house, win the lottery.

I suppose I could have tried harder to see if there was a forecast for her timing. However, what spirit gave her was much more important. The message was "Learn to live. Enjoy your life now. The fun is in the journey, not the destination. And don't be something or someone you're not."

We've all read that message at least a hundred times. I wonder, though, have we ever really heard what it means? We need to learn to live where we are, with who we are, with what we have. Longing for those things beyond what is in our grasp is soul defeating.

Embrace today. Every minute. Hug the bad times, whoop it up with the good minutes, be still with the quiet moments. It's all part of your journey.

Many blessings,




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