Inner Decisions

My Challenge

It’s said that most Americans become more conservative in their views as they grow older. When we’re young we embrace change, we see the world as an adventure, we’re not afraid to try new things. As we age we fall into patterns of safety. We seek like-minded people who do like-minded things. Eventually, many of us become judgmental and stuck in our ways of thinking, doing, and living. Our minds close as we fear for our future, as we become more and more afraid to be wrong; of having been wrong.

Yes. That’s the root of it. Perhaps the root of all evil? Our fear of having been wrong.

What’s the cure? Open-mindedness, inclusion, perspective-shifting. I need to understand, or at least try to understand, what I don’t understand. I can only do that by challenging myself. Where do I fall short in my thinking about other human beings? How can I continue to challenge myself so that I grow more inclusive? Where am I stuck? In what ways am I judgmental?

I need to remember that when I remain glued to an opinion that is a choice, not a life mandate. I can change. I can challenge myself to another perspective. I can climb out of my rutted thinking back into the light. I can, indeed, gain insight into the whys.

When I die and memories of me float through the minds of friends, I hope they remember me as someone who cared enough about the people of the world to challenge her own judgmental self and grow more open every day.

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