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Ever feel out of sorts spiritually? Of course, you do. When you feel out of sorts, what do you do? How do you resolve things? What do you do about your nagging questions?

I choose from a variety of options at different times. Among others, I use esoteric tools, meditation, automatic writing, or call someone. One of my all-time old favorites tools is the OSHO Transformation Tarot. While most people would not choose to buy a deck of these cards, the best news is that it's now available on a mobile app for FREE. 
When I use the app on my phone, I ask my question and touch for a card. A picture of an OSHO Transformation card will come up on the screen. I contemplate that for a moment, then click on OSHO. After reading the teaching from OSHO, I touch "Commentar," which enhances my understanding. 
For some mysterious, delightful reason, the OSHO Transformation Tarot has never steered me wrong. 
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