Inner Decisions

Petals or Thorns?

What I think I lay down as rose petals some see as thorns.

There are people who, because of past hurt or harm, react as if mortally threatened when someone reaches out with good intentions. There are those who are in such suffering that they will drag a person who has come in love and peace through the mud behind wild horses. Or worse. Look what those in fear did to Christ.

Fear and pain do that. Fear and pain will play tricks on our eyes and minds. Fear and pain will make us see petals as thorns, peace offerings as traps, truth as false, kindness as ridicule, love as hate.

If we can clear away our fear, then we can see what the Spirit of God wants us to see. We can see the reality of the Garden of Eden as within our grasp. Fear and pain have clouded our perceptions.

When looking at roses, do you see petals or thorns? 

I see both. And I know that I can appreciate both. That I can clear my fear and pain and walk softly into peace and love. 


Colleen Parsons of Inner Decisions

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