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Spiritual Teachings?

Today during An Hour with Spirit we explored who  Eckhart Tolle is. (See: ). He’s clearly one of the living spiritual masters of our time with an unbelievable wealth of insight that was born from deep depression. Reading his books are life changing, though they can also be challenging. I recommend that we don’t  struggle for understanding when reading them, but rather allow our souls to recognize and remember the information therein.

There is a great video interview with Tolle here: . Or simply go to and search for Eckhart Tolle and watch what interests you. Or you can subscribe to Eckhart Tolle TV on his official website (see above).  

Spiritually uplifting instruction changes us from the inside out. We, the persons, do not need to be able to explain or even speak to what a spiritual master teaches. All we need to do is listen and absorb the energy of the teaching. Our souls know what to do with the information. The instruction will eventually trigger action.

Allow the teaching to be like water to a thirsty seed, long since planted and awaiting a drink. That thirsty seed doesn’t need to understand the nature of water to take it in, nor does it need to be able to translate “germination” to burst from the shell and begin to reach for the sun. It is the nature of the seed to do so.

And so it is with your soul.

Do everything you can to seek spiritually uplifting education as often as you can. This can take the form of reading quotes, memes, books, watching video presentation or interviews, and listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Find what like, immerse yourself in the teaching, and repeat. Regular use will add vitality and wisdom to your life.


Many blessings of spiritual fulfillment,


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