Inner Decisions

The Search for Meaning (first installment)

The caller ID read “Unknown Caller”. After a minute I retrieved the message, “Hi, this is Kelly, please return my call as soon as possible. Something really weird has happened to me.”

I pressed the call button and it was answered almost before it rang. Kelly started in without saying hello, “I have this weird rash on my wrists, all of the way around. It’s faint, but it’s like if I was wearing a bracelet that was too tight.” We talked for a bit and she told me she dreamed that she had been handcuffed and pulled along behind a wagon. She didn’t have a lot of details about the dream, just that she could see chains around her wrists and on her ankles. She wore a long rough skirt and had bare feet. Her skin was dark brown and her feet were bleeding. She was so thirsty and she had to pee but they wouldn’t stop. “I woke up just before I peed my bed. I know it was a dream, but it seemed so real. I can still taste the dust in my mouth.”

What was happening?

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