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What? A starling?

“You have a pet starling?” I asked incredulously, thinking she misspoke – maybe she meant some other bird. Starlings are annoying rats with wings. I have bunches in my barns, and they crap all over the place. They do have a wide variety of songs and sounds, but mostly they are annoying. And in the winter they chase the songbirds from the feeders. Annoying.

No, my friend really does have a pet starling, and has had it for 11 years. 11 years? I didn't believe her, yes, they can live for 20 years, though the average is 15. Okay, so now I have to learn about these birds who I mostly don’t like. What’s the deal? And why oh why are people keeping them as pets?

Might I have to open my mind to something else? Why can't I just dislike a bird, a starling, and like all of the other birds. Darn it. <big sigh> Acceptance is a hard row to hoe. What if I end up appreciating starlings? Ugh. Does the Universe have no mercy? 

She says her starling talks – like says things. No. Yes? The Spruce Pet writes: “Starlings are very curious, smart, and interactive. They can obey commands, talk, and even perform tricks.” What? Really? Huh.

I joined a Facebook group for people with starlings as pets. I’ll let you know how that goes. What I discovered is that lots of people have pet starlings. Meanwhile, I've learned that pet starlings do talk and they are very smart. Yes. Like rats. Well, rats don't talk, but you get my drift. 

Here, this is a bit interesting.



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