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What is your Spiritual Gift?

This is the first Sunday in March of 2014. On the first Sundays of every month we celebrate the religion of Spiritualism during An Hour with Spirit in a non-traditional, non-churchy service. Personally, I like the New Testament of the Christian Bible and prefer just about any translation other than the King James Version. Today I used the New International Version (NIV). I read 1 Corinthians 12 – the whole chapter. I love reading the bible in context rather than picking out a verse or two.

First, remember

I started the service with a lovely YouTube video of Amazing Grace sung by Andrea Boceli ( ). Then I had everyone close their eyes for just a moment and think about what it is that brings them the greatest joy. I ask you the same question: what brings you the greatest JOY? I mean real joy? Spiritual JOY? Everyone’s answer was likely different, but I didn’t ask today. I wanted people to reach into themselves and touch joy, privately and wholly. I want the same for you.

Next we began to explore Chapter 12 where the imprisoned Paul is writing about the Spiritual gifts each of us are given from God – or the Divine Source of All That Is. Most Spiritualist Churches who embrace the Christ Consciousness will point to verses 7-11 because Paul is speaking about the gifts of healing, prophecy, discernment, miraculous powers, etc. as God given gifts. Yep. Paul states we are all given something wonderful. There is much more to this chapter, and I spoke for 15 minutes or so after I finished reading it aloud. You would have had to make the commitment to attend at 9 AM to embrace the entire service. Yet, the take-away point is purely simple.

Next, act.

Your Spiritual Gift at this time is that which brings you spiritual joy. If you embrace that essence of joy and share it, you will be sharing your Spiritual Gift. Your Spiritual Gift is not what you think makes everyone else happy, it’s what makes you filled with joy. Joy defined as that deep sense of contented delight that bubbles up from your innermost soul.

What brings you Spiritual Joy and how are you going to share it?

Many blessings of joy,


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