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What's up with Facebook?

What is Facebook (FB) good for? Well, it's not good for trolling and writing disparaging things about people. It's not good for arguing in public. It's not good for expressing meanness. It's really not good for sending chain posts.


What it is good for is exploring opinions and ideas. It's good for all of the interesting pages and groups of people with shared ideas. It's an interesting place to learn, and see, and wonder, and long to visit. It's great for keeping in touch with family and friends (I love that part best).


It's okay for expressing opinions on your own newsfeed or when you agree with others or can politely disagree. It's okay for meeting new people. It's an okay place to ask for help, but beware -- if you ask how to dehydrate onions, you will get 50 different answers (in the dehydrating group), and if you ask "what is the best way to ...?" you will either get no answers or 1,000 opinions. And be very prepared if you ask "What should I name my new kitty?" Everyone has an idea about that.


Why am I writing this? My daughter was teasing me yesterday for belonging to "1,000 different groups". I told her that wasn't true. Well, it might be true. I never counted. I add some, I drop some. I hang out in one for a while, then another. It's just that I have so many varied interests and find so many ideas interesting. I'm careful to verify sources and stories (most of the time) before I repost. I delete more comments than I "send". I try to be nice much more often than snarky.

So, yes, I like FB. And I'm okay with that. It surely is an interesting place to study human behavior.

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Colleen Parsons MSN, RN of Inner Decisions

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