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Reviving Your Resolution

It’s halfway through January. How can that be? It’s two weeks after most of Americans made at least one New Year’s resolution that you made with great. Though, if you’re like most Americans, your momentum has waned. You might even go so far as to chalk this up as another personal failure, and drop…

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At a Place in Life

I AM AT A PLACE IN LIFE where many people I once knew have transitioned to the other side of life. They have died. My grandparents, my parents, my sister, my brother- and sister-in-law, my husband’s parents, several friends, the list goes on.

As the list grew, and as I grew older, I started askin…

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Secrets: big and small

Keeping a secret can be deadly.

Dis-ease (stress) can cause disease. Horrible diseases like cardiac problems, breathing problems, cancer.


While there are a few things I haven’t heard, people have found I’m  a good person with whom to disclose their darkest sec…

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Grateful verses Thankful

AS I was preparing a presentation on feeling grateful I found a couple of articles I subsequently used for an open discussion during An Hour with Spirit, my Sunday nondenominational service. However, it was Brother David Steindl-Rast and his TEDTalk on and article “Are You Thankful Or Are Yo…

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Wonder how my yesterday went? Yesterday was my 56th birthday. I’m old for my age and am what 56 looked like, and felt like, before everyone became so obsessed with not looking or acting their age. I’m good with that – except when my knees hurt, which is every day. I’m an ordinary person living an or…

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Soul Goals

If we are still here, on the planet, living, we know there are still ways we are supposed to connect. However, that feeling of wanting to connect, of needing to participate in something life altering is often vague and elusive. We know there is something we are supposed to be doing, but we have no…

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Building Up

I've been learning quite a bit lately about how to pull the different areas of interest together for Inner Decisions. Look for tantalizing ideas, connections and magical happenings right around the corner. I've been working on it every day -- which means my house is a mess and not much else has been…

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Ram Dass

Ram Dass is one of the living masters who has encouraged thousands of spiritual seekers into awareness. He has been an important part of my journey. Here is a bit of a bio done on him by Oprah for her "Super Soul Sunday" series.

I also very much like what he was saying about suffering  a couple of …

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Nature verses Nurture?

 Spiritually speaking, I'm a naturalist. I prefer my bouquet of flowers to be wild and dancing in the fields. I prefer my trees to be indigenous to their native soil. My favorite zoos care for wild animals from that region that cannot be reintroduced into their natural habitat; one is the New York …

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We've had a couple of thunderstorms with heavy wind, so I was just out on the RTV (sort of a mini-pickup truck for the farm) taking the dogs (all 7) for a run around the fence line. No trees are down and the fence is intact. Yay! Yet I don't just look for downed trees.

When we are building fences, …

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Destiny vs. Free Will

Are we fated to follow some script? Is there a series of events we cannot avoid? Or do we always have free will?

The debate of destiny verses free will has been the theme for many a movie, play, song, poem, and great conversation over wine. Humans are odd. We want to exercise free will, we want to b…

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It's about the Journey

I had a telephone reading today where the caller was concerned about "when" things were going to happen. If spirit tells me upfront when something is going to occur, I'm happy to share that. However, sometimes people get very anxious about timing and needing to have something happen -- needing to me…

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Psychic Protection: Awareness

You are a being of the Light. As that, you are Light. You don't require protection "by the Light" because you are that Light. You are Divine Light. You are the Light of All That Is. For psychic protection -- which we do need (often) -- we need awareness that we are Light. What separates us from the …

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It's Sheep-Talk

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." I was thinking of this quote and was looking for the actual author of the quote -- that, frankly, I've used hundreds or maybe a thousand times. I was a great fan of this quote, until today.

I was un…

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Byron Katie; "The Work"

Byron Kathleen Mitchell gave birth to her Spiritual Leadership persona, Byron Katie, in 1986 when she developed the four key questions she titled “The Work”. As Sunday was Mother’s Day, what a better way to celebrate than introducing such a peaceful and empowering woman during An Hour with Spiri…

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John 20 to Evolution vs. Creationism

Today is the first Sunday of the month, which means a non-traditional Christian-based Spiritualist service during An Hour with Spirit. We watched a British based reenactment of The Gospel of John 20 from the New Testament. That’s the story John tells about what happened after Jesus was put in th…

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Peace and Compassion

Thich Nhat Hanh

Those of us attending Sunday mornings at 9AM An Hour with Spirit have been exposing ourselves to living spiritual masters. This morning we watched a wonderful youtube video with Oprah interviewing Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk. The video begins with a brief biography…

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teaching and learning

“It’s in the teaching that we do the most learning,” was an important statement made while I was doing a considerable amount of automatic writing back in the early 1990’s. This was one of those epiphanies that generated a big change in attitude for me. At the time my ego had me pretty convinced th…

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So often we find ourselves in situation where we just don't know what to do. We may not even be able to define the situation clearly because we are too close to it. Distance helps. Not the "running away for it all" kind of distance. The alternate perspective one can get when working with a Life Co…

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Spiritual Teachings?

Today during An Hour with Spirit we explored who  Eckhart Tolle is. (See: ). He’s clearly one of the living spiritual masters of our time with an unbelievable wealth of insight that was born from deep depression. Reading his books are life changing, though they can…

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