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What? A starling?

“You have a pet starling?” I asked incredulously, thinking she misspoke – maybe she meant some other bird. Starlings are annoying rats with wings. I have bunches in my barns, and they crap all over the place. They do have a wide variety of songs and sounds, but mostly they are annoying. And in the w…

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Embracing Enrealment

I was actually writing about something else today, but when this popped up on my FB newsfeed I became obsessed with the idea. Excuse the language if it offends you – though in full disclosure I’m not offended. I live life and all sorts of language are part of that. Though I don’t use language in…

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I’m watching my birdfeeders this morning and becoming increasingly angry. The starlings, those mean greedy birds, are stealing everything and chase away the pretty little chickadees. I sit here contemplating what to do about the starlings. I’m getting more frustrated and angrier. Now I have hear…

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Memories: Epigenetic Clearing

Imagine that you are having trouble at work. Your new boss is temperamental, and you can’t seem to do anything right. You try harder to do better and she never gives you positive feedback. You’re thinking about leaving. Before you do, you make an appointment with Inner Decisions to talk about it. Du…

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What's in your grocery cart?

In the U.S. we have a wide variety of foods available in multiple forms: fresh, preserved, frozen, canned, bagged, boxed, bottled, processed, prepared, raw, radiated, dehydrated, and more. It is overwhelming to visitors and immigrants to this country to walk into one of our bigger grocery stores…

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Four Good Questions

Every great spiritual teacher has a following. There are lifelong devotees who once they find their leader, they set up “house” and stay with that person. Then there are people like me, come sit with a teacher for a bit and move on. Though I must admit, I don’t move on completely, not from reall…

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Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?

"I do not like them, Sam I Am."

That is probably the book I quote most often, written, of course, by the genius Theodor Seuss Geisel in 1960. I have read it many times as a child, as a mother to my children, and as a grandmother, than any other piece of literature. And it is great literature.…

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Are you making the right decision?

Are you confused about your life direction? You do have the right answer, you know exactly what to do. At least your Inner Decision-maker, your inner knowing, does. It will never fail you. However, as humans, our decisions are often swayed by what we think we should do to please other people. Or per…

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Science and discovery

After writing yesterday's blog I've been thinking more about science. I've just finished creating the PowerPoint presentation for the Tree of Life Spiritualist Church service for Sunday morning where we have been talking about Natural Law; the what it is and what it is not.  Natural Law is interesti…

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Stepping into a New Year

2020 was a difficult year and many of us are glad to leave the year behind and in the dust! We all hope that 2021 will be better. Right?

However, spiritual thinkers are apt to say, "But there is no time." I agree, and it sets my brain on fire. 

If there is no time, does the past exist? An…

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What is your gift?

I am not who you think I am. I am a reflection. I am but a reflection of you. What do you like about yourself? What do you not like about yourself? That is who I am. I am a reflection of what you would like yourself to become or what you would like to shed. I am nothing special. I am only me.

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OSHO Answers

Ever feel out of sorts spiritually? Of course, you do. When you feel out of sorts, what do you do? How do you resolve things? What do you do about your nagging questions?

I choose from a variety of options at different times. Among others, I use esoteric tools, meditation, automatic wri…

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This story is a little weird, but I’m writing it for myself anyway, and I know how weird I am. I don’t judge my weirdness; I just go with it.

My sister was 14 months younger than I. My mother was a few days short of 20 years older. Somehow growing up, we became very close. We would laugh unti…

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Is Obesity All About What You Eat?

Research is uncovering that there are many issues besides calorie intake causing the obesity epidemic in America. While considerable research is ongoing, there is a growing list of other causes. When embracing a whole person whole health perspective for a person struggling with obesity it is importa…

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Please Release Me

The "privileged" Firstborn?


Most of my clients are women and I often work with those who are the oldest of their siblings, or at least the oldest girl. They have assumed their designated roles as caretakers of their families. They have struggled with the nickname “the bossy one” among many other less desirable adject…

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Christmas Magic

I received a long video at 5:30 AM Christmas morning. (This morning.) With a note from my 40-year-old daughter that her son awakened at 4:30 AM, opened his 2-year-old sister’s Christmas stocking and left everything all over her bed, and then brought his stocking into his parents’ room to share the i…

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Mediumship is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Are you stressed?

Stress is what is perceived as a danger that generates fear. That fear may be external or internal, may be physically real or anticipation of a prospective danger made real in our thoughts or psychological stress. These thoughts, this stress, causes a release of chemicals in the body. Interestin…

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Who was the Orville and Wilbur's mom?

“The gifts Susan Wright gave her children would someday change the world. But during her life, her impact went unsung. While Wilbur and Orville’s mother gave them wings, she never lived to see them fly,” is the last sentence of this short essay and audio report by Leo DeLuca titled, “Susan W…

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