Inner Decisions

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Inner Decisions

Inner Decisions is a family business comprised of two mediums and spiritual educators Colleen and Meghan Parsons, a mother and daughter team. While they are wonderful and provide powerful messages and insights individually, they are dynamic when presenting together -- creating more energy and more fun. Their third business partner is Chris Parsons (husband & dad). He makes appointments, sets up the events, and generally provides navigation through every day tasks keeping Colleen and Meghan open for their work.

Any of the Spiritual Adventures with either Colleen or Meghan Parsons of Inner Decisions are life-enhancing and actually a lot of fun. Colleen and Meghan don’t just want light bulbs turning on for clients – they want the experience to be like awe-inspiring fireworks! When working with groups or individuals, whether in person or on the phone, Colleen or Meghan use the client’s pre-decided agenda to create a spiritually goal-oriented atmosphere focused on unveiling personal insights that continue to reveal themselves even after the session. Colleen often says, "You are your own best psychic, therapist and medium, it's simply my job to help connect you with that energy."

However, most people don't know where to start. Perhaps a series of 6 Spirit Life Coaching sessions would be perfect. Or would a single session of Messages from a Medium work better? Maybe you've been longing to experience Reiki healing? Or is a personalized Spiritual Hypnotherapy appointment exactly what you've been longing for? If you are a serious spiritual seeker wanting to further embrace your journey into wholeness, contact Inner Decisions today -- we will be honored to help you with your next steps!


Inner Decisions offers groups and individual seekers to

"journey into wholeness" through:

  •  Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Messages from a Medium
  • Metaphysical Classes
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy