Inner Decisions

Inner Decisions

Colleen Parsons of Inner Decisions is a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) advocate, medium, spiritual coach, and educator. As a registered nurse, Colleen does not medically diagnose or prescribe, but she does offer education on sound practices to enhance your healing process. (She always recommends that all clients consult with their healthcare providers regarding treatments and therapies they should pursue.)

 Colleen has dedicated her life to the healing arts, either as a registered nurse or using holistic and CAM modalities. She is often found researching, studying, and learning ways to help individuals emerge from suffering. When working with groups or individuals, whether in person, video call, or on the phone, Colleen works with Spirit to create the best possible outcomes. 

It's true, most people don't know where to start. Explore the website and make a 10-minute free consultation appointment by phone with Colleen to decide on a theme and direction for future sessions. While Epigenetic Clearing is often the best option for people seeking freedom from suffering. Or would a session of Messages from a Medium (a reading) work better? Perhaps a consultation about other healing modalities like aromatherapy, an exercise program, nutritional balance, sleep problems, meditation practices, or something else that will help you bring more balance into your life. 

If you are a serious spiritual seeker wanting to further embrace your journey into health, contact Inner Decisions today -- Colleen will be honored to help you with your next steps!


Inner Decisions offers groups and individual seekers to

"journey into wholeness" through:



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