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Cultivating Courage

Cultivating Courage

Do you have a fear that is holding you back from living the life you deserve? Do you wish you could show more courage in your day-to-day dealings with others?

If you had more courage, maybe we could ask for that raise we deserve, feel more confident in closing that ne…

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The Search for Meaning (first installment)

The caller ID read “Unknown Caller”. After a minute I retrieved the message, “Hi, this is Kelly, please return my call as soon as possible. Something really weird has happened to me.”

I pressed the call button and it was answered almost before it rang. Kelly started in without saying hell…

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She asked me, “What is the first book that you read that really made a difference?”

I answered that there had been many many books, and Shirley MacLaine’s books certainly piqued my interest in metaphysical-spiritual-new age-things. But the first book that really showed me how to be in this wo…

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Monsters under the Bed

She told me she was pacing the floor at 4 AM, again, worried about the mess she’d made of things the day before at work. She’d stood on her principles, maybe too firmly. She hadn’t made a good case for why she felt that way. When most everyone stood up against her she felt totally defeated. She …

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