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Birthing Day!

“Happy Birthing Day, Mom!” said my now 40-year-old daughter.

I can’t believe I’m the mother of a 40-year-old. Ugh. That legitimately makes me as old as dinosaurs.

I’ve never really cared much about my birthday, or birthdays in general. Dates don’t matter to me. Holidays are just a …

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“I guess it’s about whether you wear your scars, or your scars wear you.”

That is a powerful statement.

We all have scars, some we see, some we can’t. All of our scars tell stories. This one on my hand tells the story of a cat scratch. That scar on her face tells the story of falling off a…

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She texted, "I hate Zoom."

“I hate Zoom,” came the text from a good friend. I texted back, “Is there another platform for video chat that you like better?” Her answer, “Zoom is fine. I don’t like not being with people.”

Yep. I agree. Video chatting is most disagreeable. It’s harder to connect, it’s more d…

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What? A starling?

“You have a pet starling?” I asked incredulously, thinking she misspoke – maybe she meant some other bird. Starlings are annoying rats with wings. I have bunches in my barns, and they crap all over the place. They do have a wide variety of songs and sounds, but mostly they are annoying. And in the w…

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Embracing Enrealment

I was actually writing about something else today, but when this popped up on my FB newsfeed I became obsessed with the idea. Excuse the language if it offends you – though in full disclosure I’m not offended. I live life and all sorts of language are part of that. Though I don’t use language in…

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