Inner Decisions

What is your gift?

I am not who you think I am. I am a reflection. I am but a reflection of you. What do you like about yourself? What do you not like about yourself? That is who I am. I am a reflection of what you would like yourself to become or what you would like to shed. I am nothing special. I am only me.

So, when I see people for their potentials, and I am blind to their faults, is it because I am struggling to see my potential and hide my faults? When I see faults only, it is the same?

Once I move into acceptance that you are not a reflection of me, but a resource of possibilities for the world, then I can begin to see who you really are. We each bring something unique to the table. While not everyone may “like” what we bring, we can all appreciate that each person came to the table bearing a gift; the gift of who we are.

What we have so much trouble seeing with clarity is our soul’s potential. What did we come here, to planet Earth, to do? Where do we find the key to unlock our potential?

The answer to that mystery is that there is no key. There is no lock. We are caged or imprisoned by our lack of acceptance of others. Accept that everyone came here with a gift, even if undiscovered and what will you discover?

I love peas. Do you love peas? How do you feel about broccoli? I love potato salad, but without mustard or relish. I bet you have a different opinion. Does it matter?

Sometimes it does. We have chosen to live in a culture within a society of people and we need laws and rules to guide us. That is a blog for another day. Today, it is enough to say that I accept the potato salad you brought to the potluck picnic, even with mustard and relish. I understand from others that you make a truly rockin’ potato salad. You see, I can appreciate your gift even if I am not a fan. I can appreciate you. I see you for who you are and appreciate you.

The point is that even if your gift to the planet is still hiding from you, it is here, it is working its magic on the planet. Just be the best you. There is no need to judge yourself or your gift in comparison to others. It is the work of capitalism to cash in on what the masses agree to like or dislike, not the work of the soul.


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